Saturday, 11 October 2014

Preparing for Christmas

Hello my friends.
Please join me for a visit today. 
This is our turn tree growing in the centre of our front garden.
The leaves come out in this beautiful colour in the spring.

A closeup to show the shades of pinks.
Pity it is not like this at Christmas time!

I have joined Chookyblues SSCS again this year.
I have nearly finished one of my gifts for my partner.
I need time at my sewing machine.
Hubby has had his clearance to return to work
on Monday.  In six weeks there is to be a small
procedure to remove the last particles of oil in his eye. 

With preparing for Christmas I am sorting patterns,
threads and fabrics. Plus I have a book where names are 
put and then the gifts for each are written beside them.
Once made and wrapped I mark these off.
I am at that stage now.
I am looking forward to `Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2014`
to come as some of those ornaments will be used.   
I was looking for a piece of fabric for my swap project 
and found this part made kit so I finished it.
Once the Christmas decorations are out in the shops I will 
buy something for a hanger.
So till then into the Christmas box.

This pattern is `A Whimsical Gift` by Cinderberry Stitches.
I brought it a few years ago from Grandmothers Garden
as a kit.
Thankyou for your lovely comments and hope you enjoyed your visit with me today.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Delightful workshop

Hello my friends.
time for a visit with me.
On the 3rd of October I was able to attend a delightful workshop.
Natalie Bird of `The Birdhouse` came to New Zealand.
She did a workshop class for her `Mouse Pincushion`
 down in the south Island last weekend and then on the 2nd traveled to
Hastings where she had her projects on display at Delbrook patchwork shop
from 4 pm- 6 pm.
Then the 3rd from 10 am-4 pm  we had our class at 
Keirunga Gardens in one of their lovely rooms out at Havelock North.  

When we arrived we had our pattern and a little bag
set up on our table by our chairs.
These patterns where in mine.

Plus this stitchery to do.
We are to put our name above the date.
I think I will put mine on one of the `Spoil Me Purses`
once made.

This was my kit colour way.
I stitched the mouse but went back to add crosses.

My daughter said this mouse needed whiskers
and a front paw as we didn`t finish this in the time.
Natalie drew in my mouse tail ready for me to stitch.
That was so lovely. 

These where the fabrics with papers to make the hexagons.
Natalie came round to show us her way of putting these together.
She showed two with tacking and the other with glue pen.

Once I laid this on mine I felt to cut two more 
from main fabrics to bring all sides together.
So took two out to replace with these.

This side shows the scissor holder.
I have ordered a pair of scissors for this and 
there is a pocket for threads.

The mouse looking up pass the flower at the button pins.
Also the side view of the needle book above the hexagon strip.

Natalie and me.

The other ladies at work.
There was about 15 of us.

These are the displays of Natalie`s work.
The quilt hanging up is her latest  BOM which 
Christine from Delbrook is starting at the end of the month.
Looking forward to working on this.

Showing more of  Natalie`s work

I loved the star table runner. I may get that pattern at a later date.
Christine was taking orders for the patterns and books 
that had sold out.

We also had lovely biscuits and slices for morning and afternoon teas.
Plus a lovely fulled roll for lunch.
I enjoyed my lovely day.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tipsy Tree

Hello my friends it`s time for:

For September I have stitched 
`Tipsy Tree` by Charland Designs,Inc.
This pattern is in 2007
`Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments` magazine.
I had this ear marked to do so thought this was the time.

A close up of stitching.
The star from my button jar with `Mill Hill` beads.

Some of my fabric from my Christmas stash
for the back.

Look what `Miss Tilly` is doing!


Max checking on what`s happening.

That didn`t stop her, dog tail must be taste good.

While Max is away the girls have taken over for the day.
If they laid an egg I do not know but Max could have had a snack
when returning.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Waiting for Sunshine

Hello my friends.
I am well over due for you to come  visiting,
I have been waiting for sunshine to take photos.
Now the weekend is looming the forecast is for rain again!
Our beautiful Tui`s are visiting us again.
There is a family of five.
This one is in the peach tree with the spring blossoms coming into flower.

I think this one is in the apricot tree.
They where singing their lovely song.

Last month I didn`t show my completed `Clock`
block  5 from `Relics from Yesteryear`.
The mystery quilt from `The Country Yard`.
My photo will not turn the right way! :(
I am happy with the finished block though.


This months block 6 is `Mannequin`. 
I used to use one of these when I did dress making.
This went on the back burner once I started patchwork.
Four hexagon pieced flowers was an extra this time.

Then I was able to get the last place in this 
`Quilters Theme` mystery Stitchery from 
`The Country Yard`

A lovely little needle book open on the box.
Below showing the threads:
Cottage Garden Thread # 1206 Lyrebird,
Aurifil # 2372.
Background fabric, front of needle book and month 1 pattern.
A lovely box to store everything in.

First triangle block stitched.

Second  triangle block.

I wonder what will come next month.
Hubby is seeing again in his left eye.
A little more recovery time,
then back for a final checkup
and then can return to work. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Till next time.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 29 August 2014

In the box

Good morning my friends.
So glad you could visit with me.
This month of August has flown by and now it`s time for `Smalls SAL`.

I made up this design from a `Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments` pattern
for my small this month.

Now it is `In the box` ready for my Christmas display in December.

These were what I sent for my part in last months`Christmas in July Swap`.
We had to make three things from the letters of `Christmas`.
I took R = Reindeer.
M= mouse.
S = Santa.
Love these little guys.

Mouse from `Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments`.

The front.

The back.

All three together.
They went to O`faigh of Oldbury Cottage.
O`faighs blog is in my side bar.
Also a thank you to Cheryll of Gone Stitching
 for organizing this as swap Momma. 
Today Hubby has another eye operation.
The oil is to be removed to be replaced with fluid and lens 
put in. He should have his vision back. :)
My shoulder operation has been put on hold.:(
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Needle book and SAL

Hello my friends.
Time for check in 

I have chosen to make 
`Ngaire`s Little Accessories Needle Book`
by Nqaire Brooks. She is a New Zealand  designer.

The flower petals are quit tiny hexagons.

Needle book outer.
Nqaire had binding around which I think I will go back and add.

The pockets for needle holders and wool felt hearts for needles in use.

I have turned the first corner on my ladies skirt with this SAL.
Well next month I hope to show more progress.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 25 July 2014

Christmas in July

Hello my friends.
I have been so blessed by Melody of 

Now it`s the 25th and time to show what was inside these parcels.

The first parcel to open was this lovely 
stitching bag with a bar of chocolate and 
in the bag tied with red ribbon
10 little ladybird chocolates. 

I have the fabric for the top part of the bag but will lookout for the other
plus the lining fabric as well.
I think I will make a block roll to match.
This will keep everything together. :) 
The next parcel had these three ornaments to hang on my tree.
Melody they are perfect.

The last parcel had this fantastic stitchery wall hanging.

The last two are going in my `Christmas box` 
ready to hang in December.
The chocolate won`t last that long and the stitching bag 
I have a project ready for this. 
Thank you Melody. You have blessed me so much.
I pray my secret partner is out of hospital and has 
opened my gifts to her.
Happy Stitching,