Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Found time to stitch

Hello my friends.
I have found time to stitch,
with a little help from Tillie! :)

This part 1 of `Quaker Family Sampler`.
I have joined a group of ladies at
Heirloom`s  with Sherelyn.
We meet once a month for stitch and chat time.

Ezekiel now at 7 weeks,trying to roll.

Our little family, after staying with us for 5 weeks 
have gone back to Hastings. Hopefully back in their flat soon.
I miss the little guy but not the broken nights.

Block 1 of another $25 quilt at Delbrook,
this time `French General` for colour way.

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

So Busy

Hello my friends,
I have been busy helping with our latest grandson.
His Mum and Dad have been here over two weeks
with him.
We have been getting up with night feeds as well.
I have been unwell as well over this last week.

Three pairs: Grandpop`s,Daddy`s & Ezekiels foot wear.

My first day home wearing a jacket made by my great grandmother .

Having a stretch.

Time with Daddy.
It has been quite full on for me,
but loving cuddles time.
No stitching time for me.
Happy Stitching for you all.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Look who came early

Hello my friends,
Ezekiel was born  late last Sunday afternoon by C Section.
28th September .:)  
Three and a half weeks early!

He is in the baby unit while his Mummy is on the ward.
We had photos taken on my phone but have yet to learn to get them on
my computer  that`s why I`m writing this now.
Plus I have been so busy.
One of our daughters sent her`s to me and this is one of them.
Ezekiel weight was 7lb 3oz`s.
I haven`t been able to have a cuddle yet even though I`ve been up each day.
Time to have breakfast and get ready to go up again.
So Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 21 August 2016

A review.

Hello my friends.
The time has just slipped away from me.
Stitching has been slow and sometimes not at all.
We have a family situation that we are dealing with that`s affecting this.
Please pray for me while I go through this.
At the moment I can`t explain.
Now for stitching and quilting.

Tillie in an unhelpful mood. 

My quilt top complete of The Country Yard
`Fabulous Friday`s`.

I fussy cut the centres from my panel piece.
This piece is now looking like Swiss cheese .:)
EPP for the outside corners and centres of last border .

Each corner has something different.

Around the centre of the quilt I added a peek a boo border .

My Drawn Thread booklet is coming along.
I have started page J,K & L.
G,H&I complete.

A closeup of grapes,this is God`s Eye stitch.

Well time to go as have a busy week with appointments
and must get sort for this.
I hope to start quilting my quilt top tomorrow afternoon.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Nearly forgot.

Hello my friends,
I nearly forgot to show block 8 from
The Country Yard`s
`Friday`s Garden`.

This is the block is the last for blocks,
next week the placement of blocks and border fabric coming.

Progress on my `Studio` stitching.

Started this lovely LHN pattern.
I could not pass this fabric up.

A side on look of bundle.

So now to get my patterns sorted and some 
`Show and Tell`
to come.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 17 June 2016

Back Again

Hello my friends.
Time for a visit with me.
We brought a new computer
Windows 10 .
A real up date for me.

The new set up.
I was off line for about 6 days with changing things over 
and computer connection being down.
Then I got bronchitis, so wasn`t interested in sitting at computer.

This is four blocks of block 7 of 
The Country Yard`s 
Friday`s Garden.

A close up of my snowball and uneven 9 patch fuller blocks.

I have been stitching this lovely design from
`Stoney Creek Cross Stitch` Vol 25 #2
`Sewing Room`
This is some of my progress but
I`m changing my wording to Studio. 
Love how the back stitching makes these cotton reels pop. 

Ele`s ABC design is coming along nicely.
I used a Cottage Garden thread for peacock.

Back to threads suggested.
Cute cotton reel.

I have nearly finished the Alphabet part but forgot to 
take photos.:)
Will show complete stitching soon
and finishing.
Plus I have been stitching my Drawn Thread ABC booklet as well.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 13 May 2016

Fabulous Friday Flower Garden.

Hello my friends.
Block 5 for `Fabulous Friday`.
This was four more `Churn Dash` blocks,
sewn in pairs with the ones from the start.

A close up of each with the fussy cut centers.

Matching with the green.

A lemon from the flower blocks.

Added the blue with the bird on the ball of wool.

All the blocks except the lemon one have the wool 
somewhere in the blocks.
I had fussy cut that one too close to get a seam so 
it missed out.
Thanks for visiting.
Happy Stitching,