Saturday, 10 March 2018

Friday Stitching

Hello my friends,
Part of yesterday and last night 
 I stitched a little more progress on 
`Random Thought`s`.
I do have to re stitch the letter `P`
as it`s too far over.
I will try to sort that this week.

Love the squirrel. There`s an acorn charm to attach later.
We loved seeing them while in USA on holiday last year.
I am sorting our my Christmas SAL to try and catch 
up. Made good progress today on that.
Need to see if have some more suitable background
for a few of the blocks.
Hope later next week to progress on that.
My project bags are being used and I`m looking
at my fabric`s for more pieces to make up.
I am finding they come together quite quickly now.
Another secret project has slowed as thread 
is missing,I`m wondering where I put that!!
Hubby went out today to help cutting wood 
for a church program.
Lot`s of stitching time for me but now must
clear off the dining table ready for tea.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Project Bags

Hello my friends.
Well today`s been a productive day 
with my sewing machine.
I completed a project bag with some of my birthday 

The lining is the little cat head`s show in last post.
This cat charm has been waiting for quite some time 
to be used.

The other project bag has been made to hold 
`Farmhouse Christmas`.

Heavy rain today,Hubby took me down in my car for hair appointment but was 
able to walk home between shower`s.  Heavy again.
Two days ago we had  hail that bounced on the deck and lawn.
The fruit on the tree`s seem alright only one apple showing signs.
Yesterday made plum sauce.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Stitching again

Hello my friends,
A new Mystery with `The Country Yard`.
`Whimsical Woodland`
`Bear` month 1.

A tape measure came in with this kit of  fabric and threads.
My birthday last month my hubby gave me
Willow Tree Angel
for my collection. 

One of our daughters gave me these for gifts.
Some lovely things and of course fabric.

The cat fabric is in process of being made into 
a project bag.

These two pieces are for my 
`Farmhouse Christmas` stitching,
as a project bag.
I am looking for some trim to complete this.

Well best get on as finding I am on slow motion,
so things take longer to do.
Happy Stitching.

Monday, 26 February 2018

7 days ago

Hello my friends.
Last Monday(7 days ago) my Mom
went to be with Jesus.

This bouquet was on our door step when we came home.
Our youngest grandson`s family sent them.

My Mum as a young lady.

Flowers from my friend Susan and her hubby.
They where delivered to Cresswood where Mum`s 
funeral was held.
One of the many beautiful rose buds.

Plus these,the petals are amazing.

The photo`s shown where a lovely way to celebrate her life.
After placing rose petals (her favourite flower) on her coffin,
we let balloons go.
A lovely send off.
I found this part hard,many tears.
Mum had brain cancer so is out of pain now.
In friendship,

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Some time stitching.

Hello my friends.
Once home from visiting my Mum.
She`s on the next stage of medications with a new
Dr who visits he daily at the moment.
Her other Dr did not !!

These two are playing up. 
Peanut on the chair started this game and now Tillies trying to get back. :)

I stitched one small area of 
`Random Thoughts`.
That was all I stitched for Friday Night stitching.

I have over this last few weeks stitched and made up my
`Circle of Friends`

A wheat bag came with this design.
`Be My Friend` by The Scarlett House.

The ric rac with design was enclosed with the seam in their photo.
I decided to attach with elongated cross stitch
stitched with left over of WDWs Grasshopper.
I also stitched one over two when stitching. 

The love heart and pin where attached to wheat bag
and as suggested removed to here. 

I saw on Flosstube  `Primitive Stitcher` 
showing how to make these project bags.
I have made five up till now,two given away as gifts.
So enjoying these one`s.
I have a few more waiting to be made up but either need suitable 
lining fabric or trim.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Some Stitching done.

Hello my Friends.
A belated `Happy New Year`!
With family over Christmas ,New Year
and my Mum now in a home who is declining.
Things have been a bit much for me so this blog has been put on hold.
Some stitching has been done though. 

The one over one stitching verse in 
`Random Thoughts`.
I`m trying to do this project each week but as we go to see my Mum 
every 2nd night I come home too tired to stitch this on the Friday
we go there.

Started `Feliz Navidad` by BBD.
Sometimes a new start helps!!

I am stitch in the `Circle of Friends` with the Silver Needle.
So liked this design by `The Scarlett House.
So have stitched quite a lot of it.
So pleased to have blogged even at the end of January.
Happy Stitching,

Monday, 25 December 2017


Merry Christmas my friends.
Mum has been having seizure`s lately
but the times we have seen her she has been 
able to visit with us.
Mum was to have lunch with one of my sister`s families.
I have not heard anything so she must be having a good day today.

My SSCS  gift was a lovely table runner
 ( found this has a hanger so can be used for a wall hanger)
 of tree`s with snowman buttons,
3 lovely charms and a little wooden box of 36
wooden figures.

Martine has stitched beautiful leaves round the first border .
Thank you Chookyblue for organising this lovely 
Christmas swap again this year.
Also to Martine from Belgium.
I pray everyone enjoys this Christmas holiday.
Happy Stitching,