Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring/aster Exchange 2014

Hello my friends.
Time for another visit with me.
I joined Terri`s Spring/Easter Exchange.
My partner is Annette of
This is what I sent her:
For Spring a `Project Bag` I made from Anni Downs 
  book `The Simple Life`, 
This`Happy Easter` stitchery with millhill beads as a little cushion.
I used the same threads except Sampler Thread `portabella I change to 
Sampler Thread woodsmoke
 The pattern was free  from `The Nebby Needle 2014`,
Two caramel chocolate rabbits
and as I was late sending I added a block roll.
In with the Easter card I added a `Cottage Garden Thread`
but with hurrying to wrap forgot to take a photo!

This is the bag showing the outside opened. 

This is the inside showing needle pages
and the ties to the draw string bag.

I flipped the draw string bag over to show
two pockets,one that is covered with a button to close.

I hope Annette enjoys using her gifts and of course the eating the chocolate bunnies.
I was sent from Annette a delightful 
` Thank you` email which brought a smile and made my day.
Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.
These messages are like we have had a visit.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Quilt Show

Good morning my friends.
Today your visit with me will be of the time I spent at 
`Wine Country Quilts Waipukurau`
a few weekends ago.
These are a few of the wonderful display of quilts there.
I`m sorry this time I forgot to write the names of quilts and who made them.
 Silly of me.

The applique was so beautifully stitched.

I love the houses with the vine in between.

This poppy quilt was two pieces with a 3D look.
The photo below is a closeup of the work.

There was a display of `Hoffman Challenge`
This is to show the fabric that was to be part of the 

The next few photos are of what designs where made.

The peacock I took three photos,
the next two closeups of the detailed stitching.

This would be a lovely scrap quilt to do.

The snakes and ladder quilt had a bag attached 
to show it could be played as a game.

I went two days as there was sit in mini work shops
of 20 minutes of tutor telling us about her work and how to use the ideas .
The Saturday I looked around the quilts and the stalls.
Plus a workshop on `Computer Designing Quilts` by Sheila Christensen.
Then saw that Sunday there was two workshops that interested me.
Sunday afternoon after Church in the morning back we went.
The first workshop was `Scrap Happy` by Vivienne Franklin in regards to scrap quilts.
The next was `Domestic machine quilting`by Anne Williamson.
I enjoyed and learnt lots from both.
Now to find time to enjoy using these tips.
Well hubby feels hes seeing under water when looking down so progress
with his sight.
Time for my chores to be done and check the mail.
Please come again and I do so so enjoy your comments.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Posted and other gifts

Hello my friends and welcome to my new followers.
I hope you all enjoy your visit with me.
I was invited to `The Country Yard` to celebrate 10 years of trading.
I was unable to go but Kerryn sent me this parcel.
There was also the 1st pattern for the next mystery quilt. 
I so enjoy being part of these. 
I will show that soon.

This lovely mug with the shops header printed on it,
a tape measure, potpourri and a label.

Showing the start of header on the mug.

 I joined Terri`s Spring/Easter Exchange 2014.
This is my exchange partners parcel which I took a photo of while waiting in line to post.
I pray it arrives quite quickly!
I sent it a little later with Hubby having eye operation put me behind.
Every day he sees a little more.
Checkup next week.

My daughter brought home the other day a belated gift from 
my friend Katrina of
gave me these: a lovely stitched cushion, sticky note folio 
and a red zip pouch. :)

My friend Kath 
soon after my birthday when we met up gave me these
to make a quilt that I saw on utube from
 `The Missouri Star Quilt Company`.
The honeycomb is cut in four and sewn onto the corners of 
the layer cake blocks.
I will get onto these soon. 

My YD stitched and made this card scissor fob and pin cushion for me.

A start on `Dear Jane` blocks.
#1 is complete.

Well it`s time for me to go,I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A `Small SAL` and other stitching

Hello my friends.
Please come and sit awhile for a chat with me.
The weeks have gone by with some secret stitching that I`ve been working on. 
Also this for `Smalls` SAL.

A Shepherds Bush kit made up for March.
With a closeup of this little sheep wearing a hat.

This is how far I have stitched on my `Santa`s Village` 
by Country Cottage Needleworks.
I started this last year. Maybe it will be finished for framing this year!
`Santa`s House`,`Poinsettia Place``North Pole Post Office` 
and `Mrs Claus` Cookie Shop` will finish the row.
I have started that part. 

I joined Maryse with her Mystery Sampler.
This my progress so far using antique white 32 count linen with
Cresent Colors and Sampler Threads . 

My hubby had emergency surgery on Monday for 
a Retinal detachment repair to his left eye.
That has slowed me down with my projects but 
now he`s not on so many meds I feel I can stitch more.
Thankyou for visiting.
I hope to blog more.
Till next time Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Not much for Feb

Hello my friends.
Nice to see a few new followers.
I hope you enjoy your visit with me.
This month has slipped by so quickly.

For some years now in February my birthday month 
I stitch a project for myself. This year is this lovely 
`Thimble Purse` by Brenda Gervais.
So cute. Plus it is my small for this month.

Last year Little House Needle works designed 
`Little Sheep Virtues`.
So now I have 12 little cushions with a flock of 17 sheep 
and 2 lambs.
My basket is full. 

Last Friday I went with a few of my friends to 
`Craft &Quilt Fair` in Palmerston North.
We had a lovely time looking and of course some shopping. 

This is my little spend up.
Some lovely things to work with.

Last week was Art Deco week in Napier
 so the steam train came through.
The train is bringing passengers for a sit down meal
 at our local small hotel.

The first and last carriages

This photo was in our local paper showing another part of the engine.
When they where heading off we could here the chuff chuff .

This old fire engine was giving people rides round the village.

Well time for me to go thankyou for your lovely comments on my last blogging.
Happy stitching,

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hello my friends.
Today I am blogging about `Smalls SAL`

I have joined Heather with this year.
On the right side bar is the link to visit with others of this group.

I have made up my little box and attached my stitchery to this.

This is the thread holder that goes with the design.

Then I stitch Shepherds bush `Be Happy` 
ready for display with my heart stitchery.

A close up of pattern. 
There is a little bird button that came with the kit.

If there is anyone that wants to join Kath, Katrina and I with 
`Shepherds Bush Fold SAL` please look on my left side bar for link.
Also with meds I`m getting my asthma under control
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A New Year already begun

Happy New Year my friends.
2014 has already begun.
 I am unwell so haven`t felt like blogging but thought I`d best start now.
These jars of apricots are from one of our four trees.
They are all I was able to bottle.
There are peaches,nectarines and apples for fruit to come
plus the vegetables in the garden to process in Feb/March.

For Mrs Martins `Celebration` swap last year 
we where to make a patchwork block for our partner.
I enjoyed the foundation piecing of this pattern
`A Circle of Geese`
so carried on to finish as this lovely table mat.
Maria ( `Life on the block` as seen down the side of my blog )  loved it.

Thank you Maria for this star block,ribbon and buttons.
I have an idea to finish this off using all of these.
I will show once I have finished.

For Maria`s birthday I stitched the scissor holder and fob.
Then down sized the cotton reel pattern to make a hold all and
a matching block.
I enjoyed making this set and hope sometime this year to make one for myself.

Maria`s Christmas gift was wrapped in this lovey 
stocking fabric as shown on my last post.

Here is what she gave me.
I have hung up the wall hanging but this is now put away.
The `Timber Charm` house is waiting for me to complete.
There was a chocolate Koala bear to eat. 
He was split three ways :)
I will sew the label onto the back of the project that I decide to make with stocking fabric. 

Thank you Mrs Martin for the lovely swap for 2013.
 Well I best get on as the day is getting away from me.
Not forgotten thank you for your lovely comments of my blog. 
I do so enjoy these.
Happy Stitching,